Infinite White Cyclorama | DCS Backlot Studio

Does your next photoshoot or video production need an infinite white wall to bring your concept to life?


The DCS Backlot Studio is the only full-size production studio serving the Canberra region, and it is home to the biggest infinite white cyclorama wall in the ACT Region. The Backlot Studios are the perfect place to get creative. With our incredible infinite white cyclorama (or Cyc) you will work from a blank canvas to capture the perfect shot. Contact our team to discuss your shoot, then book online to reserve your production session for either a video or a photography shot.



Advantages of the Infinite White Cyclorama Wall

The DCS Backlot infinite white cyclorama is a 5 metres tall and 8 metres wide space, that is big enough to drive a car onto and swing a crane around. The cyc makes objects appear as though they are floating without a backdrop. This effect is achieved by carefully designed lighting and shading techniques. Infinite cycloramas are commonly used in commercial photography and video production to make products stand out or to create a sense of empty space. You can also use the cyclorama a blank canvas to splash colours to create the mood and feeling in your content so you have full creative control over your end product.

1. Easier image editing

As a professional photographer, you know that having a background that is easy to edit and manipulate can make all the difference in your photos. The smooth, seamless appearance of cyclorama walls provides the perfect blank canvas for your subjects, making it easy to produce photos for online commerce, magazines, or catalogues. When you use graphic design programmes to create layouts, the process is simplified thanks to the perfectly blank field that cyclorama walls provide.

2. Changing Angles and Positioning Is a Breeze

The DCS Backlot Studio cyclorama wall is the perfect backdrop for your next photo shoot. Not only does it create the illusion of a larger room, but it also provides much more space for you, your subject, and your camera to move around. With its curves and open design, you can easily change your camera angle while keeping the movement and fuss to a minimum. So go ahead and make your next photo shoot a breeze with a cyclorama wall.

3. Make Lighting More Effective

Cyclorama walls are an important tool for photographers who want to create evenly lit photos without shadows. By diffusing light from multiple sources, cyclorama walls help produce soft, flattering light that can be easily adjusted to create different atmospheres. When used correctly, cyclorama walls give photographers the freedom to experiment
with lighting and create unique results.


Infinite White Cyclorama Features

  • 8.2m wide and two storey tall, infinite white cyclorama
  • Overhead electric winch lighting grid
  • Green room
    • TV
    • Couches
  • Beauty room
  • Hollywood makeup mirror
  • Blow drier
  • Clothing rack
  • Steam iron
  • Frosted glass change room
  • Ample free parking
  • Perfect for large-scale production with big crews and talent where you need lots of space for outfit changes.
  • Perfect set for your live broadcast. Project onto the cyclorama to create any background you want.

You can see what you will be working with at the Backlot Studio in this  virtual tour


Infinite White Cyclorama FAQ

+ Lighting Kit – Included are 2 x Fresnal lamps and 4 x 1×1 LED panels.
+ You get the entire facility – No double booking or sharing the space.
+ Large Distance from the wall – improve isolation between your subject and background.
+ Cleanliness – The cyclorama can be freshly painted upon request.
+ Free Parking – Being an industrial area you can park trucks or cars in the driveway or nearby.
+ Refreshments are included – Water, soda, energy drinks, Bentspoke beer, Nespresso coffee.


Book The DCS Backlot Studios Infinite White Cyclorama for your seamless Canberra Productions.


The DCS Backlot studio is designed to inspire and unleash your creativity, and coupled with our knowledge, we will be sure to make your next production an outstanding success. If you are looking to partner with a team that really understands your vision and will give you the space to express your creativity, then look no further than The DCS Backlot. Our HUGE infinite white cyc studio will provide you with an amazing experience that you are unable to forget easily.


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